How long are the classes?

1-2-1s, Gym Sessions, and all classes are 55 minutes long. Please leave time to change. Hendrickson sessions are 45 minutes long.

How large are the classes?

Gym sessions are three/four people with one instructor. Reformer classes are a maximum of eight, Equipment classes are a maximum of six, and mat classes are a maximum of twelve.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes that do not restrict your movement. For example, leggings and a fitted t-shirt/vest so the instructor can see your posture.

Do I wear shoes?

No, Pilates is done barefoot or in socks. Shoes can be left in the foyer. If you are using the machines it is recommended that you use special fitted socks with sticky soles.

Do I need to bring anything?

No, everything is supplied. Just bring an openness to learn and commitment to following the principles of Pilates. Enjoy learning something new about yourself and how to move more easily.

How often should I attend?

The World Health Organisation recommends three times a week as a basic, and five times a week to make fast and incredible changes. 

What should I do if I cannot attend a class?

Our online booking system gives you full control over booking and cancelling your classes. Please note our cancellation policy is 24 hours notice. Please download and read our Terms and Conditions.