Gill Carr

With a background in the fitness industry, and a degree in health related exercise and fitness, Gill has always been passionate about health, well-being and movement. In 2004 she began training in the Pilates method. She has received qualifications and attended workshops from many different places, but most recently received both matwork and comprehensive studio accreditation from Polestar.

Gill is passionate about the benefits of Pilates to anybody and everybody – no matter what shape or size or level of health, Pilates really brings a sense of balance and wellbeing to the system. The movement is mindful, deep and purposeful. It can be so individualised to allow each person to get from it what their system really needs to maintain equilibrium and enhance their quality of life and movement.

Gill enjoys participating in many activities and sports in her spare time including running and swimming, and as a busy mother of two energetic boys understands the importance of creating good, functional movement and balance in the system.

Sara Pugh

I have a background in genetics, biochemistry and biophysics, and completed my PhD in 2006. I left science to pursue a career in movement and manual therapies, but I keep up to date with scientific research on matters relating to health and wellbeing. I am keen on sport and have played competitive hockey, football  and squash. I also practiced Karate for 8 years and Thai boxing for 6 years.

I bring a variety of disciplines to my classes which have been influenced by Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Z-health (nervous system training), martial arts and somatic movement, providing participants with a unique experience. I am a qualified Bowen therapist and am trained in myofascial release, both of which are powerful, yet gentle manual therapies which can be used to help a wide range of problems from pain to insomnia. I am particularly passionate about the Pilates machines, as they provide a safe and highly effective way to rapidly recover from injury or pain, and are key to mastering the more advanced mat exercises. I am pre and post natal trained and babies are very welcome in the post natal class. I have a keen interest in movement classes for the elderly as well as Pilates for rehabilitation. I also teach intermediate and classical Pilates for those who want a challenge.

Ria Slade

With a background in PR, French and super yachts, in 2011 Ria decided to swap boat life in the sunny South of France and move back home to Yorkshire to explore a career in Pilates. Having practiced Pilates for many years herself, she became curious about movement and the ability of Pilates to really change how people feel in their bodies. Encouraged by her ‘big sister’ Claire, she qualified with Polestar UK as a mat teacher in 2012, followed by reformer in 2014, and soon became a member of the amazing Leeds Pilates Place team.

She is an absolute believer of the life changing mind-body benefits of Pilates and her classes are very much focused on helping to restore natural fluid movement and encouraging a sense of wellbeing into our fast-paced, modern lifestyles. She believes that everyone should feel great in their own bodies no matter what their age, body shape or fitness level and her intention as a teacher is to encourage more awareness of how we move and to ultimately create a freedom of movement that is not only effortless but also intuitive, making for a happier body inside and out.

Ria is continuing her training with Polestar as a mat mentor and is currently studying the studio repertoire as well. Outside her Pilates life, Ria enjoys climbing, swimming and outdoor pursuits such as snowboarding and surfing. While rarely found sitting still, she’s happiest by the sea with the sand between her toes, so you could say is an avid hammock swinger as well. You can find her on Facebook:

Sarah Stonier

Sarah has over twenty years experience within the fitness industry, with a strong background in personal training, dance aerobics and martial arts, which she has been teaching for over ten years.Sarah-S

She started Pilates around twelve years ago due to back injury. Pilates not only solved her back problem and was effective during her rehabilitation, but she also found that post rehabilitation her performance in her own training was greatly improved due to her heightened body awareness and improved ease of movement, balance and flexibility.

From that point she began to study the Pilates method and became qualified in mat work, which she has been teaching for 10 years. She then moved on to training on the Pilates equipment, Reformer, Cadillac, chair, and barrels, which she been teaching for 5 years. Her education and development has never stopped and since joining the LPP two years ago she has trained in the Polestar method completing the studio, reformer and mat work courses. She believes her personal journey in education and development will continue indefinitely as Pilates is not just a set of exercises, but also a journey of discovery, understanding and awareness about yourself.

All programmes are tailor made. Sarah provides motivation and support, and monitors progression with regularly programme changes. She specialises in:

  • Injury and rehabilitation programmes
  • Sports specific programmes for enhanced athletic performance
  • Programmes for improved ease of movement and flexibility
  • Programmes for an increased feeling of wellbeing and a better quality of life