Equipment Classes

Reformer Orientation

A Reformer orientation session is required before embarking on the Reformer, Cardio Reformer or Studio Circuit classes. This short session will cover health and safety, how the equipment works, and some introductory exercises.

Reformer Class

The Reformer class is for those who enjoy being part of a group class and want quicker results than a Mat class. Working on Joseph Pilate’s original invention, the Reformer, will give your body the feedback it needs to improve your posture, movement and body tone, and leave you feeling stretched and taller. Clients are required to complete a Reformer Orientation.

Cardio Reformer Class

Cardio Reformer is a low impact, fast paced cardio and toning class. It combines the best of the Reformer with unique jumping exercises and provides you with a balanced cardio and strength workout. Clients are required to complete a Reformer Orientation.

Studio Circuit Class

The Studio Circuit on Equipment class is for those with some experience in working on the equipment, but who prefer being in a class environment. This is a group teaching class that utilises all the equipment such as the Reformer, Trapeze, Pilates Chair and Arc, Ladder Barrel, mat and balls. It will give you a fun, varied and full body workout. Clients are required to complete a Reformer Orientation.

Postnatal Equipment Class

If you have been cleared for exercise by your health care provider and are ready to leave the house with your baby, this fun and sociable equipment class will help you get your pre-baby body back. The class targets posture, pelvic floor, and full body reconditioning, using the studio equipment. Babies up to eight months are welcome. Tea and coffee is provided after the class, and you will have the opportunity to chat and get to know other mums who are going through the same experiences as you.