Mat Classes

Mat Class – levels 1, 2, 3, 4

Our mat classes use small equipment such as the magic circle, foam roller, weighted ball, soft ball and dynaband. The equipment enhances the exercises, maximises the benefits and creates a fun and varied workout.

Level 1- Beginner
A gentle introduction to the principles of Pilates. This class will build core stability and improve you every day movement and posture. This is the class for you if you have any health conditions or issues that restrict your movement.
Level 2 – Improver
Builds on the foundations developed in Level 1. It increases the challenge through the use of more dynamic full body exercises.
Level 3 – Intermediate
For those who have consistently attended Level 2 and have a strong foundation and understanding of the principles of Pilates and their application within the main exercises. The class introduces more classical repertoires and is faster paced.
Level 4 – Advanced
Uses more classical repertoires to challenge the principles of Pilates for greater strength and endurance. This is a fun and fast paced class with more choreographed flowing exercises.
Mixed Level
This class is suitable for those who have some experience and are fit and able to move without restrictions.

Somatic Class

This is a very gentle and relaxing class, working on deep release within the body. It is suitable for most people, including those who suffer from pain and discomfort. It will re-educate your body and mind from within, and you will experience a more upright, open posture and a sense of calm.

Pre-natal Class

This class is suitable from twelve weeks pregnant. It teaches you breathing and relaxation techniques, birth positions, pelvic floor exercises and improves your posture and general well-being. This mat class uses Pilates equipment and bespoke wedges to lie on for your comfort and safety.

Post-natal Class

If you have been cleared for exercise by your health care provider and are ready to leave the house with your baby, this fun and sociable mat class will help you get your pre-baby body back. The class targets posture, pelvic floor, and full body reconditioning, using small equipment. Babies up to eight months are welcome. Tea and coffee is provided after the class, and you will have the opportunity to chat and get to know other mums who are going through the same experiences.