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Training at Leeds Pilates Place

Leeds Pilates Place is the host centre in the North of England for Polestar Pilates UK International teacher training. Through Polestar, we endeavour to provide the highest quality instruction for our teachers and the teachers of the future. It is our vision to lead the way, not only as a host centre for training, but also as students and mentors in the Polestar training technique. We have trained with many other schools of Pilates and found Polestar to have the most client centered, research driven, and functional approach. We are proud to be part of the Polestar team of creative thinking Pilates instructors.

Polestar Teacher Training

The Polestar curriculum, designed by physical therapist and Orthopaedic Certified specialist Brent Anderson, is based on a scientific foundation of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and motor control. It integrates scientific research findings in the areas of orthopaedics, sports medicine and movement science.

The Polestar curriculum has earned a reputation world-wide as the most scientifically based Pilates curriculum available, consisting of formal lectures, reading and writing assignments, and research literature reviews. The teaching method is interactive and helps you to assess the whole person – physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. The educational approach incorporates:

  • Discussion forums
  • Labs (doing, observing, teaching)
  • Problem solving (utilizing case studies and deductive reasoning)
  • Hands-on teaching (group and individuals)
  • Assessment skills
  • Principles of neuro-linguistics (modelling, sequencing and structuring information, and maintaining appropriate learning states)

Polestar’s flexible design allows you to attend courses on the weekends, minimizing time away from home and work. There is also adequate time between the courses which enables you to study, observe and practice.

The Courses

You can earn Polestar Certifications in Studio, Reformer and Mat.

Polestar Gateway

The Gateway program is designed as an introduction to the Polestar training courses. This program will help you to improve your effectiveness as a health/fitness professional by learning clear cueing, visual imagery and tactile facilitation of optimal movement patterns. In addition, it will enhance your understanding of bio-mechanics, common pathologies and movement assessment, to keep your clients safe from injury.

The Gateway program is for: fitness professionals, personal trainers, and Yoga teachers wanting to use Pilates mat exercises to supplement their current repertoire; health professionals interested in basic instruction in the use of Pilates mat exercises to complement their current practice; enthusiastic amateur Pilates exercisers who want more in-depth knowledge.

Studio Series

The Studio Series is a comprehensive program that provides in-depth training to become a Pilates studio teacher. The Studio Series trains participants to use equipment developed from the designs of Joseph Pilates – Reformer, Trapeze Table, Combo Chair and Ladder Barrel. It also uses mat exercises and small props such as wall/door springs, the Flex Ring™ Toner, Rotating Discs, Balance Board, foam rollers and the gym ball.

The Studio Series is comprised of seven two-day (16 hours) courses: Polestar Pilates Principles (PP), SR1, SR2, SR3, SR4, SR5, SR6. Successful completion of the series will enable participants the opportunity to qualify by sitting for the Studio Exam.

Reformer Series

The Reformer Series is designed for physical therapists, personal trainers and Pilates instructors to get the most out of their Reformer teaching.

Upon completion you will be able to:

  • Correctly demonstrate and teach each exercise and its progressions.
  • Understand the benefits and emphasis of each exercise.
  • Adapt exercise sequences for diverse populations and group classes.
  • Use the Polestar Screening or the ICF model to problem solve.
  • Design and implement a successful exercise or treatment plan.

The Reformer Series consists of four two-day (16 hour) course: PP, REF1, REF2, REF3.

Mat Series

The Mat Series is designed for personal trainers and group exercise instructors. It is also appropriate for instructors of movement arts such as dance, yoga, and Tai Chi, as well as practitioners of somatic movement such as Feldenkrais® and Alexander Technique®. Programme design and exercise sequencing are addressed for group formats and 1-2-1 training.

The Mat Series consists of three two-day (16 hour) courses: PP, M1, M2. Successful completion of the series will enable participants the opportunity to qualify by sitting the Mat Examination. M3 is an optional module which is highly recommended for those interested in learning the use of small props.

Current Course Dates at Leeds Pilates Place

To be confirmed

For more information about Polestar training courses click here, or to book contact Polestar Pilates UK, tel 020 7377 5959.



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